Saturday, October 30, 2010

Canada - Matt Connors Opening and Marian Spore Fall Party

I have been under the weather the last two weeks but did manage to get out last Friday to check out a few openings.  Stopped by one of my favorite Chinatown East Side spots,  Canada for the Matt Connors opening.  Smart painter.  Abstract.  I wish he were more generous at times with his mark making, get into more trouble before resolving his pictures.  That being said, Connors has a way of creating a flip flop dualistic tension, (no matter how subtle) that works, and he accomplishes this by NOT overworking his pictures.  I also appreciate Connors’ treatment of the edge.  He creates surface tension by specifically gauging his marks to the edge of the canvas, creating an ambiguous uneasiness between canvas and support.

After Canada, I headed to Sunset Park to Marian Spore, a year long project headed up by curator Michael Connor (not to be confused with CANADA painter, Matt Connors)  I appreciate how Connor mobilizes his curatorial instincts to make something engaging out of this huge raw space in Industrial City.  Most of the artwork has been installed since the summer as Connor adds and removes work to suit the situation.  At this fall party, I became engaged with the work of sound artist, Andy Graydon.  Graydon is a prolific artist who participated in Un-Monumental show at the New Museum in 2008 and is currently showing work at LMAK Projects on the lower East Side.

For his piece at Marian Spore, Andy created a sound installation based on a self made vinyl record which resembled a sound check before a heavy metal concert, (low melodic bass infused whurrr, see video.)  Actually, the sounds originated from a museum archival library setting (which one I can’t remember) and re-mixed by Graydon.  The sound from this piece infiltrated  Marian Spore like a gentle ocean surf making its way into every nook and cranny of the space.


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