Saturday, November 27, 2010

Man Bartlett's #24hkith - "I am" feathers, mannequin, egg and cheese sandwiches.

Woke up this morning and noticed hyperallergic’s Brent Burket twitter post re: Man Bartlett’s latest edition of his 24 hr. performances #24hkith, this one taking place at Outpost gallery , as part of a groups show aptly titled #theSocialGraph, which reflects on Social Media art.

Man utilizes a calm, therapeutic, and soothing voice, reminiscent of Jack Handey, to read off tweets that begin with “I am” and also are tagged #24hkith.  The results for the viewer are both collaborative exuberance and an uneasy sense of fulfillment.  Man picks out certain colors of feathers and attaches them one at a time onto “Feather Man,” a sculptural creation that stands besides Man as he reads off tweets.

Each feather color chosen by Man appears to represent the tenor of  a particular tweet, much like a mood ring, red for anger, blue for sadness, etc.  Man channels this energy in an exquisite corpse manner, constructing a kind of collaborative poetry as he reads off the tweets.

Furthermore, Man combines a sense of peacefulness with humor and zen like verve to keep his viewers enticed.   It’s also interesting to note that with every passing performance, Man seems to penetrate the establishment art world a bit further.  He is now fielding a request during this performance about selling off the artifacts, in this case, “Feather Man.”

It’s hard to stop watching Man who will be streaming LIVE!!! on his website until 7PM this evening.  There’s something intoxicating and refreshing about these performances.

Looking forward to participating #RANK as a part of #SEVENMiami with Man next week.  Getting ready for ART ROAD SHOW.  Hope to see you all there!


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